About Us

Rick and Paula De Govia

Meet Rick and Paula De Govia, the passionate founders of Vibrant Health 4 Life and Rainforest Nutrients. We believe the body has the ability to heal itself naturally when given the right conditions. The body is a self regenerating machine. We assess the state of the body, remove inflammation in all forms, add the required nutrients to feed the cells, and thus allowing the body to achieve homeostasis. With a deep commitment to holistic health and natural remedies, Rick and Paula are dedicated certified natural health professionals, in the holistic health industry for 20+ years. They specialize in offering sustainably-sourced whole food supplements specifically geared to the anomalies in the blood and provide a natural path to healing the body at the cellular level.

Their extensive range of services includes Naturopathy, Nutritional Live Blood Analysis, Thermography, Iridology, Nutrition, and Herbal Remedies. As Molecular hydration water distributors, they ensure access to premium water for optimal hydration. Offering a wealth of knowledge, experience, and support to educate and guide you to achieve your wellness goals naturally… the way you were designed.